How technology is affecting our world?


As we all know the need for technology in our life. We can not ignore its importance. Technology is affecting our world in a great sense. There are many ill effects of using technology in recent days.

Does technology have ill effects on us?

Yes, of course. Technology has bad effects on us, mentally as well as socially. However, we cannot ignore its importance. We all need it. However, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the bad effects of technology in our society. We are sure that you will find this article best. Reading this article will help you to gain knowledge.

  1. People are becoming less social: People forget to interact with other people. Previously everyone used to discuss problems and interact with one another. However, the scenario has changed completely. Nowadays, people don’t talk much. They remain silent and addicted to technology. The children don’t want to play outside. Indeed, you cannot live without technology. Another thing is that people can’t trust others. They are remaining friendless. People can’t talk with others. They like to talk on social media.
  2. Getting affected with diseases: Lack of physical movement is hindering our way. Moreover, people are only sitting and doing their work. This is the reason people are getting affected by various kinds of diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, and thyroid. Other than that, people are also getting affected by gas and acidity. Technology is related to all these. It has serious adverse effects.
  3. Eye problem: Teenage students are the worst sufferers of eye problems. They spend most of their time sitting in front of the television or mobile. That is why they are having eye problems. Moreover, after attaining a certain age they are losing their eyesight. Even the glasses are not also useful. That is the reason for the eye problem. So, one should be careful in this matter.
  4. Prone to the accident: Another ill effect of technology is prone to accidents. Youngsters often listen to music while travelling. This is the reason for the occurrence of accidents regularly. The people remain unmindful on the road. This way accidents occur. Though it has been advised many times not to use headphones people don’t pay attention to it. Not only listening to music but also people talking over the phone while crossing the road.
  5. Insomnia: Another important thing about technology is that it causes insomnia. People are addicted to mobile and television. This technology is taking away your sleep. People are feeling lonely. So, this is the reason for suffering from insomnia. If this is not treated on time then it will create other problems in your body. This should be checked on time.


We have discussed the negative sides of technology. However, we cannot get rid of technology. It is very much needed in our life. That is why it is very essential to think about getting rid of technology. We are not saying to use technology. However, one should use it wisely.

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