What are the types of diseases responsible for technology?


Technology has advanced a lot in the last decade. A few years ago, we never thought that smartphones could change our life. Nowadays, we cannot imagine one day without using technology. However, due to this, people are getting affected by several diseases.

Several types of diseases are caused due to technology

People are unaware of the technology. They are using it blindly without realizing the consequences of it. However, without technology, it seems impossible to survive. Have you ever thought of several diseases which are affecting you? In this article, we are going to tell you the sorts of diseases.

  1. Diabetes: Diabetes is considered to be a genetic disease. But it is also responsible for using technology. In diabetes, it is said that to walk. But there is a lack of physical movement in diabetes. This is the main reason young people are also getting affected by it. Moreover, technology affects our pancreas. These pancreases are unable to produce insulin.
  2. High blood pressure: Blood pressure is another genetic disease. It is also caused due to the overuse of technology. Lots of pressure and anxiety is the key feature of blood pressure. Moreover, students also suffered from low blood pressure. Both are not good for our health. One should be careful about it.
  3. Eye problem: The major problem of using technology is eye strain. Many people started to have problems with their eyes. You are sitting constantly in front of the computer or mobile. It is creating problems with your eyesight. That is why it is important to wear glasses. However, even after using false glass nothing happens. Teenagers are the worst sufferers. At a tender age, they are wasting high-power spectacles.
  4. Sleeping disorder: Another important disease that people often face is insomnia. Lack of sleep can lead to depression and anxiety. Enough sleep is mandatory. Overthinking creates sleeping disorders. To sleep properly people are taking pills. These pills are not safe. However, people are still using pills just to sleep. These pills can create lung and kidney problems.
  5. Depression: Nowadays almost every person is suffering from depression and anxiety. To get out of this we need to stop using technology. People are not doing it. They are using technology. The result and effect are suffering from anxiety. People are forgetting to meet people. They are unable to express their feelings. So, they are suffering from depression.
  6. Acidity: Acidity and gas problems are some of the worst problems. It is only due to using technology. That is why all of us need to get rid of technology. You are sitting idle in front of the computer. The foods are not digesting properly. That is why you are suggesting these kinds of problems.

Find Thoughts

We are hopeful that after reading this article you will be able to get rid of these diseases. It is only because of these technologies. However, we can not get out of this. But it is our responsibility that we should reduce the usage of technology. We are happy that you have read the entire article.

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